5 Incredible Ways in Which Motherhood Changes You

Your little one is not the only one whose life begins; yours does too. Any mom will tell you that their life has never been the same since they acquired that title. Motherhood changes you in both big and small ways.
Now, you might have heard about how demanding motherhood is. With the sleepless nights, the poop and puke, and the constant bad hair days.
While all those may be true, the motherhood journey also makes you a better person. Read on to see five incredible changes that happen.

1. You Become More Patient
One of the hats that you wear as a mom is that of a teacher. You teach them how to walk, talk, feed themselves, read, write, and a bunch of other essential life skills.
These skills are not taught in one instance. It takes time and consistency. As a result, your patience grows as you have to continue teaching them until they succeed.
Additionally, waiting for your child to hit milestones also teaches patience. Especially those milestones you have little control over, such as teething.

2. Enhanced Multitasking and Organization Skills
One thing that you quickly realize as a mom is that you need to create a schedule. Otherwise, things can get out of hand, which will only overwhelm you.
Therefore, organization becomes part of you. And so does multi-tasking. You realize that fixing dinner, helping one child with their homework, and feeding the other child can be done simultaneously.
Also, you get faster at doing things. For example, mopping the floor before the baby wakes up.
The good news is that these efficiency skills will spill over to your workplace as well. That way, you become a better employee.

3. Financial Discipline
Wave goodbye to the days of carefree spending. The responsibility of taking care of a child shifts your financial priorities.
Diapers, clothes that they grow out of in a split second, and formula all come knocking at your door. Let’s not even talk about college fees.
One thing is for sure; motherhood makes you more careful about how you spend your money. It also teaches you to save for rainy days.
Topics on investment options also become a new favorite. Furthermore, you now seek ways to make extra income- something you probably did not think about before becoming a mom.

4. You Become Less Judgmental
“I would not let my child do this.” This statement, more often than not, comes from individuals with no kids of their own.
But motherhood humbles you. You become the mother you judged. Screen time all of a sudden becomes acceptable. So do the unhealthy snacks.
You also understand some things that previously did not make sense. Like why your neighbor’s kid was wearing unmatched socks. It turns out socks have a way of running away from their partners just when you are running late.
And even though you would not do some of those things, you empathize with the moms instead of judging them. For example, the mom at the mall whose toddler was on a leash. I mean, you can see why.

5. You Acquire A New Appreciation For Your Parents
It is easy to think about all the things your parents did wrong. Or what they could have done better.
However, becoming a mother makes you realize that you might have been a bit too harsh on them. As a parent, you want the best of everything for your child. The decisions you make for their lives are out of love.
This new realization could even mend broken relationships with parents. Or take the connections to a whole other level.
You might also find yourself asking for advice from the very parent you thought was wrong.

Parting Shot
It is incredible how motherhood changes you. While the journey might be challenging and overwhelming, it is worth it.
In the end, you become better, stronger, and more responsible. Enjoy the journey!